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Hi and thank you for considering a donation

We are trying to keep our station ad free, so you can listen without adverts interrupting the music. 

Many people are not aware that Sonic Stream is ran by unpaid volunteers and it also costs us money each month to keep the station running smoothly. So we would appreciate if you could donate, so together we can keep our love for the music alive with this peoples movement.

Please click on the below link which will take you to the secure Paypal site, and give whatever you can afford, as it all helps.

  • Donate £10 now, and you will have helped in keeping our website servers running for a month
  • Donate £20 now, and you have opened up another 100 listener slots, so that you never get stuck trying to listen to us.

  • Donate £30 now, and you have allowed us to expand and build on our network and bring new music onto the radio.

No matter how much you donate, we truly appreciate it and please know that together we can keep our station advert free

If you can not afford to give money, but instead would like to support the radio by donating your time with designing artwork or flyer design or anything else please send us a message with your relevant skills.

Working together we will continue in daring to be different

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